Flap Discs

Zirconia Flap Discs Product Description
Size: 115mm x 22mm
Grain Type: Zirconia Aluminium Oxide
Backing: X-Weight Cloth with a Fibre Glass Backing
Bond Type: Resin over Resin
Grain Structure: Closed Coat

Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
All types of welds

High Density 
- High Density flap discs have an increased number of flaps and flap sizes are large compared to Eco and Standard flap discs. 
- They have a much longer life span than standard flap discs. 
- High Density flap discs are suitable for industrial use, this product is increasingly popular in the global market.
- High Density Flap Discs, made to the highest of standards, with an extremely high quality fibre glass backing. 
- This flap disc is made with more abrasive flap to ensure a longer life span to generic lower cost flap discs.