75mm Wide PRONET AbrasiveNet Roll (40 Grit - 320 Grit)

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Product Information

Width: 75mm
Length: 2.5 Meters & 10 Meters
Grit Sizes: P40, P80, P120, P180, P240, P320
Number of Holes: Thousands of holes (Mesh Design)
Face Attachment: Hook and Loop

What is PRONET?                                                 
PRONET is an aluminium oxide abrasive net in disc and sheet form. 
PRONET enables the dust-free dry sanding of numerous surfaces producing a surface finish for the application of various surface coatings.
PRONET has proven to give a longer life than conventional abrasives.                            

Hard and soft wood, veneers, chipboard, MDF and Strand board  
Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Paint and lacquer sanding
Body Filler and primer