150mm Microfilm Sanding Discs - Packs of 10

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Product Information
Size: 150mm
Grit Sizes: P1500, P2000, P2500, P3000, P4000, Mixed
Number of Holes: 7
Face Attachment: Hook and Loop
Number of Discs: 10 Discs Per Purchase 

Mixed Pack: P1500 x2, P2000 x2, P2500 x2, P3000 x2, P4000 x2 

Advantages of MicroFilm
- Anti-Clogging coating
- Consistent even scratch pattern
- Excellent contour sanding
- Can be used wet or dry
- Fast and sharp cutting power
- Ideal for primer sanding, blending, denibbing or the removal of orange peel

PRONET's MicroFilm is a much more durable substrate than paper and will not tear as easily. The increased strength improves durability and provides longer life, while the films smooth even surface provides an outstanding finish.