Non-genuine Mirka 8295600111 Soft Interface Pad 150mm x 10mm - 67 Holes

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A soft foam interface pad to fit perfectly for your Mirka hook and loop backing pad. With a soft foam middle section amounting unto 10mm in thickness, this is the perfect addition to get extra life and flexibility. 
The white side of the pad is used to attach the interface pad to the backing pad, with the black side used for attaching your discs.
Buy with confidence from a company that cares. 
Please note that this is a PRONET Product designed with the same hole configuration as pictured for your Mirka machine and is not a genuine Mirka product. Please see your warranty for any queries on using this product. 

Product Information
Diameter: 150mm (6 inches)
Thickness: 10mm
Attachment: Velcro (Hook and Loop)
Number of Holes: 67
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