SanerPro High Quality Medium Backing Pad for DeWalt 5" DCW210N DWE6423 - OEM Part No N329079

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Works with the following DeWalt sanders;

DWE6421 Type 1
DWE6421 B2 Type 1
DWE6421 B3 Type 1
DWE6421 Br Type 1
DWE6421K Type 1
DWE6423K Type 1
+ More we may have missed

Product Information
Pad Size: 125mm
Attachment Type: Hook and Loop (Velcro)
Number of holes: 8 
Number of screw holes: 4
OEM Part Number: N329079 (Our backing pads are manufactured by us (PRONET) to the highest quality and exact specifications to the DeWalt backing pad with this OEM part number.
Pack QTY: 1 Pad